Guiding Beliefs & Principals

The following beliefs & principles guide our attitudes and actions:

We believe in a no kill philosophy:
We do this by practicing this philosophy with all domestic and feral cats in our care. We use all treatments and behavior modifications available to us for sick and behavioral issues. We educate the public that all cats deserve the right to life . We support other rescues who also believe in No Kill and encourage those that don’t to embrace it. 

We believe in a holistic approach to cat care:
We do this by acknowledging each cat as an individual and recognizing behavioral health as being just as important as physical health. We do our best to provide each cat with the appropriate medical and behavioral care they need.

We believe in vaccinating our kitties with practices consistent with the:
American Veterinary Medical Association  Standards of Care 

We believe in a foster home system:
We do this by sheltering our cats in foster homes so they can experience an enriched home environment. Our cats spend the minimal amount of time possible in kennel environments and only do so when  in quarantine for health issues, or fully ready for adoption in order to meet potential adopters maximizing exposure to potential candidates. Whenever possible, our preference is to adopt from foster home directly to forever home.

We believe owned cats should remain indoors for their safety:
We do this by adopting our tame cats to indoor homes only. We educate our adopters and the public on the benefits of indoor only and how the adopter can enrich the cats indoor environment and teach them about building enclosures attached to their home. Many of our cats were raised indoors from the time they were just days old - they have no street skills and are entirely dependent on their human!

We believe in TNR:
Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return to location of feral cats. We do this by practicing TNR to reduce the number of kittens born to feral cats in the community. We will endeavor to sterilize 100% of the cats and then ensure that they receive continued support for feeding and health.

We believe in being predominantly volunteer-driven:
Our volunteers are compassionate cat advocates and enthusiasts and are here because the want to be involved in seeing successful outcomes and learn more about cat rescue.

We believe in what is the best for the cat:
This will always be the primary consideration for making any decisions.

We believe that “Once an SNM kitty, always an SNM kitty”:
We do this by accepting all former SNM cats back into our care if the owner can no longer care for them.