Want to Foster a:  Cat, Kitten/s, or Mama & Kittens for us?

Often folks can only foster for a short time and we need fantastic fosters that we can reach out to when kitties need a new place to crash. A strong foster network is the only way we can continue to support the cats & kittens in our care and continue to help others. Fostering, is the bedrock of what we do!

Tell us what your level of experience is and let us know if you are open to:
- aiding an adult
- socializing kittens
- medical treatment
-  bottle babies
- or, watching a mama do her work!

You can also apply as a Foster -> Adopt if you are interested in adopting kitties who aren't quite ready for their forever home yet (see the Coming Soon & Foster Needed section).

** We do not adopt out kittens under a year without a buddy, so, you will need to have a kitty at home to show a baby the ropes, or, be willing to commit to at least two in a Foster -> Adopt situation (usually litter mates if they're babies). **