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Kitten season has been incredibly tough this year and unfortunately due to a lack of fosters, we are unable to accommodate additional animals at this time. Upon approved request we may be able to help if you are willing to foster/find a home until space becomes available.

We owe it to our current cats and kittens to find them homes first. 

Please consider fostering, adopting, or donating - we need YOU right now!

If you have found yourself in a jam and are trying to find placement for cats and kittens in your care, we encourage you to look at the local resources listed on our COMMUNITY page.

Check out our current available pets. They've been waiting for you!

Ready to apply to become a cat guardian? Tell us why you're amazing!

Give them a safe place to get ready for forever!

Help them find their forever families!

Sponsor our rescue efforts and help cats in need!

Wondering what kind of questions we get asked all the time?

Are you an overwhelmed cat caretaker, or know someone who is? These resources are for you!

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Learn about our mission and the history behind our work.

Learn what makes us who we are and what guides  our actions.

We're an approved rescue partner. You can view all of our available cat & kitten profiles here.

We're an approved rescue partner. You can view all of our available cat & kitten profiles here.

Adopter Testimonials

George & Gracen

"Thank you so much SNM! I feel so lucky to have him! He truly makes my days so much better, he's so sweet. I love him!"

Pebbles & Tiffany

"I was heart broken after my cat Sugar passed… we had 20 beautiful years together! After sometime, I decided to adopt a kitten thinking it would cheer me up.  I wanted our other kitty Coco to have a companion.

I saw the Coconut kittens on Instagram and thought Iryna was adorable.  Upon meeting her, Iryna was shy but my intuition told me we were a perfect match.  I was right!  We got home and she hid under under the bed, then a few minutes later she walked out and snuggled into my arms and started purring!  From that moment we have been inseparable!  Iryna, now Pebbles, is the sweetest kitty.  She is so happy and incredibly loved.   I am so thankful to have Pebbles in my life because she helped mend my broken heart

I had the most amazing adoption experience.  Thank you to  Stray No More for reading my application and for helping me with the adoption process, and thank you to her wonderful foster mom!
Please support Stay No More and adopt a kitty!"

Ziggy, Lola & Alice

"Stray no More is one of those organizations that makes you feel better about the world. Everyone I met there could not have been kinder or more supportive. I never felt rushed or pressured during the adoption process and they displayed such care and love for their kitties. Ziggy and Lola have bought so much joy into my life and my dog Dino has two new lifelong friends."