Kitten season has been incredibly tough this year and unfortunately due to a lack of fosters, we are unable to accommodate additional animals at this time. Upon approved request we may be able to help if you are willing to foster/find a home until space becomes available.

We owe it to our current cats and kittens to find them homes first. 

Please consider fostering, adopting, or donating - we need YOU right now!

If you have found yourself in a jam and are trying to find placement for cats and kittens in your care, we encourage you to look at the local resources listed on this page.

Wondering how to help your community cats?

It’s kitten season, which means there is a huge increase in the number of kittens being born. Kitten season is especially long and brutal in Southern California (March-November) due to our temperate climate. In addition to the number of kittens being born, there is a large number of feral and stray cats living  in our communities. Left unchecked these community cats and their offspring continue to breed. This is a man made problem caused by people who do not spay and neuter their pets.

Kitten season puts an immense amount of strain on rescues and shelters alike. We simply can't keep up and there will never be enough of us out there trying to solve the issue!

There are many ways you can get involved in helping to reduce the number of animals suffering on the streets of this notoriously unfriendly city environment:

4. Watch and wait:
If you happen upon a litter of healthy/clean kittens, watch and wait for mom to come back. Young kittens have the greatest chance of survival by staying with their mom. When the kittens are weaned, mom is ready to be spayed, and the kittens are ready to be adopted. Don't leave mom behind! If you plan to rescue the kittens and mom is around, make sure you bring her in as well or make your yard a place she wants to be (provide food and water, she's working so hard!). She needs to be spayed to prevent future litters being born on the street and for her own future health and safety!

5. Seek assistance:
If the kittens you’ve found are truly orphaned, or if the kittens are ill, or injured, these kittens likely need your immediate help. Shelters are full, rescues are on intake hold, and appointments are hard to get! This brings us back to Point 1: Be willing to become a foster parent in order to give them their best chance at survival. We are happy to lend our expertise.

** Stuck in an emergency situation with kittens? **
Kitten Lady's videos/website offer a wealth of knowledge and are often a life saving resource when you need to act quickly but aren't sure what to do: Click Here