Our Mission

Stray No More's mission is to end cat and dog overpopulation and suffering.  

We are a passionate, volunteer-driven charity whose primary goal is to rescue, assess, vet, heal, spay/neuter,
and eventually place homeless animals,  first in our network of amazing fosters,
and then ultimately in carefully matched, loving, forever homes. 

Sadly, while not every animal can find a loving forever home, we believe that no-kill is the only responsible approach to rescue,
that Trap-Neuter-Return works and that above all:  

Animals are AWESOME!

How it all began...

Stray No More is the vision of one woman in a Los Angeles community who decided enough was enough.  

10 years ago she found herself in a new neighborhood, overrun by stray cats and dogs, and was compelled to help as she watched the population continue to grow out of control and numerous cats and dogs die needlessly.

In trying to solve a local problem, she was thrust into the overwhelming world of animal rescue in Los Angeles.

Stray No More was born of love, compassion, and necessity with the goal of doing things “right” in order to end the cycle of suffering for every animal that moves through its network, but the “right” way is almost never the easy way, nor the fast way, to a safe and loving forever home.

Since its inception, the rescue has grown consistently year over year.  It is no longer a battle for one block or a neighborhood, but an entire city.  The project has become a collective labor of love for like-minded, kick-ass animal advocates and enthusiasts, who selflessly volunteer their time and energy to this gargantuan undertaking that has long been funded solely by meager adoption fees, small individual donations, and the founder's paycheck.

The sad truth is that animals get abandoned, or are let out to roam without being vaccinated, microchipped, or spayed/neutered - perpetuating population overgrowth.  It's been a glaringly common issue in Los Angeles with no end in sight.

Most of the stray animals we encounter are loving and sweet but misunderstood and often traumatized … they just need a little time and attention in order to trust a world that has let them down.  Some are feral and may never know love or understand our compassion or intentions, but we will still try to give as many as possible the fighting chance they all deserve.

The animals we rescue just need a chance, a safe space, and a home to call their own...maybe yours?

Help us help them!