Want to Adopt from us?  

If you're an A+ Adopter, please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire.

For Stray No More, it’s about what’s best for the pet, not who applied first - we value true connection on both sides especially when it comes to them finding their new forever home.  

Check out the lists on our Available Pets Page before submitting your application in case there are  specific cat/s or kittens that you are interested in. If they are listed on the site, they are available, or coming soon. Many of the images link to their bios with more information. 

You can also apply as a Foster -> Adopt if you are interested in adopting kitties who aren't quite ready for their forever home yet (see the Coming Soon & Foster Needed section).

** If you don't hear back within about a week - check your spam folder - a lot of our emails end up there! **
** Stray No More cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, given flea/de-wormer meds, micro-chipped, and are rabies certified **
** We are firm believers that kittens under a year old need to have a buddy. They teach each other incredibly important skills, like not to bite, or use their claws when playing with each other and you! They keep each other stimulated, comforted, active, and happy. This means you will have a more positive relationship with your kitties in the long run! If you wish to adopt a kitten, ask us who their best friend is, or tell us about your current kitty who needs a pal! **
** Some of our older cats have a best friend too. In those cases we honor their bond. We will prioritize applications for bonded pairs rather than splitting up besties who depend on one another. ** 

What then?

After we review the questionnaire we will contact you for your first interview:

Step 1: Video/Phone Interview
**Via phone, facetime, or zoom **

Step 2: Meet and Greet
**By appointment only **

Step 3: Schedule Home Check & Prepare for Your Kitty/s
**If you wish to move forward and your application is approved **

Step 4: Home Check & Adoption Day!
** As long as everything goes according to plan **

Adopter Testimonials

Frankie & Kiely

"I adopted Francis, who would later become Frankie (though now he has a million other nicknames). I had such great support from Stray No More throughout the whole process. They helped me expedite things since I had to return home to San Francisco  and they made sure I had what I needed to welcome Frankie to his new home. Our little family would be incomplete without him. A huge thank you to Stray No More, not only for Frankie, but for all the cats you rescue and the families you complete!"

Alice & Katie

"Alice has made our lives significantly better! Thank you so much for pairing us with her. We love her so much, she is absolutely perfect for our family!"

Willy, Harry, Travis & Ben

"We are so grateful we were able to adopt these two brothers. They bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. They are both very affectionate, keep us entertained and make us want to spoil them.  Thanks so much to Stray No More for helping to change our lives and these two wonderful cats’ lives for the better."